Sunday, 1 April 2012


       Today has been one of those days...
You know the kind I'm talking about; The baby was up all night teething, the fatigue ensued tension brought on disputes between DH and I about absolutely every little thing, and my three year old autistic son decides to throw one of his epic meltdowns that he is famous for right as I am expecting my 1 1/2 year old daycare child. AAAHHHH!!!

      Well, I feel better, how about you? Sorry for my earlier outburst, but sometimes you just need to be able to stand back and say "WHY ME?", right before kicking your own ass and reminding yourself that it's because you wouldn't have it any other way.

     So by now I'm sure this sounds like the nonsensical ramblings of an insane person, and well, it probably is. If you're anything like me however, you'll appreciate a little comradery in the colourful life of raising children. 

    I feel obligated to forewarn you though: I am not a Stepford mom who just plasters a smile on her perfectly made up face and endures everything with grace and restraint. I am a real mother. A real person. Our life is chaotic and I don't try to pretend it isn't. I use abrupt honesty to lay it out on the table and often add a spin to it with my dry sense of humour. This is how I cope. If you cannot seem to acquire a taste for my particular spin then do us both a favour and keep walking. However, I'm sure I'm not alone. So, if you can relate, then I hope you find some comfort in knowing that yes, there are others who find raising an autistic child difficult, but we can laugh, cry and get through it together.


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  1. Well I for one am glad you are not a stepford mom. How boring would that be? You are as unique as your great kids and hubby :)