Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Six months GFCF!!

When we began the diet (you can read about this here) everything we read said it takes six months. We saw dramatic improvement in little man's behavior almost immediately. The longer we've been on, the more progress we've made. Introducing probiotics helped even more, as well as our changed tactics.

So when all of a sudden a few weeks ago, little man took a huge leap with his coping skills and behavior we were like "what's going on?"
Honestly it didn't even occur to me that we were at the six month mark, and that this was due to a diet we have been on for what seems like ages.
I have briefly mentioned a time or two that bedtime was an extremely difficult issue for us. Right from day one, when I brought my little bundle home from the hospital sleep deprivation was the name of the game.

As little man got older, we tried different tactics to help him fall asleep, but nothing seemed to work. Bedtime became a source of anxiety for all of us. Poor Max would get himself so worked up which resulted in screaming and intense stimming (self-stimulating) behavior. My husband and I were ready to run away after years of sleepless nights and dead end frustrations. Nothing seemed to work.
We talked to our doctor about it several times and were told to let him cry it out, which only resulted in Max's several hour long meltdowns and me in tears. Then we were told it was a phase and that he would grow out of it. As is the case with any person, when you are not getting the all important sleep requires to refresh and rest, you get cranky; and cranky Max was. The situation snowballed and it became clear that fatigue was intensifying the poor behavior, and the poor behavior was taking us even further away from being able to settle him. Vicious cycle.

With all of the progress we have made, and there has been a ton, bedtime just didn't make the list. He began speaking more, playing more, being more affectionate, calming faster, handling outside situations with more ease. We have even been able to have several successful meals in restaurants! Imagine as a parent, your child not wanting to talk to you, sit beside you, hug or kiss you, sometimes not even wanting to be in the same room as you. Now imagine one day, your child abandoning that separation and seeking you out for comfort, and love. Offering kisses of his own accord, showing you things he's interested in. It was like he was letting me in for the first time. Still though, come 8:30, madness ensued. I can honestly say that I began to lose hope that this particular issue would be resolved.

As I was saying, a few weeks ago Little Man's behavior and ability to handle stresses took a massive leap forward on the progress scale, and low and behold, bedtime came with it. We took a vacation at a rented cottage for a summer-end family activity. I was concerned that Max would have difficulty adjusting. He did not, however. It was amazing. He settled right in, had a blast and began his upward movement on the bedtime ride. We don't know if it was the fresh air, the lack of stimulants, or the change of pace, but whatever it was, it worked! There was concern as the week was coming to a close that once we returned to our home and settled back into the normal routine, that we would lose the progress made. First night we were perched on the edges of our seats waiting for him to come out of his room, but he didn't. Next night was the same. Scepticism still lingered, but slowly dissipated over the next few weeks.

Now we still do have the odd night where things don't run perfectly smooth, but it is short lived and on a scale of 1-10 (1 being perfect, 10 being how they used to be) things never climbs above a 4. I`ll take it. My husband and I were honestly boggled as to why now? Why after all this time? All those tears? All of the changes we had made were long ago implemented, we had seen results. It was my husband who said whilst we were discussing the puzzling behavior, "Hasn't it been six months on the diet? Didn't we read something about giving it six months to see the full impact?" I was like: OH.MY.GOD.
Seriously? You mean to tell me that not only is this even more reinforcement that we made the right decision to put Max on this diet, but DH remembered something that I didn't? Honestly I think that's the part I had the hardest time sorting through. Seriously, he can't remember where we are going five minutes after we get in the car half the time. ;)

Ultimately what I think this post boils down to is DON'T GIVE UP! We were told by our family doctor when we first put Little man on this diet, and then again by his pediatrician just last month that it was too much work. Basically it was a pain in the ass for parents to have to do something everyday that may or may not have any effect.

Ummm... Excuse me? Pardon? I'm sure I didn't just hear the only two people I can go to for my child's health tell me that it wasn't worth the inconvenience even though there is over 80% reported positive feedback from parents of kids on the spectrum. Now I'm not sure if this is not being recognised by some doctors because it is not a pharmaceutical, or because it doesn't "heal" autism, but I think it is a no-brainer. As a parent, it is your responsibility to do what is best for your child. There are many things that are difficult and time consuming, that are not only best but expected of you. Not all autistic children will benefit the way others do on this diet, but what if they do? Wouldn't you want to know? Wouldn't it be worth six months of your life to find out?

I believe this is truly one of the wisest decisions we have made for Max and that this diet has played a key role in our success thus far. Going GFCF was a challenge, but it's just normal everyday stuff now. Things are only difficult until you do them for a bit, and then they just become culture.

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Scrumptious Sneaky Smoothie

We all know the old saying "what they don't know won't hurt them", well I say "What they don't know will be great for them". At least as far as this breakfast or snack time smoothie is concerned.

Getting a toddler to eat raw veggies, vitamins, and health foods can be a serious challenge, but as parents we need to improvise, and get creative in our deception. My little man will drink pretty much anything through a straw if it's sweet, cold and fruity tasting, as will most. He thinks it's a treat! Little does he know that his delicious beverage is packed full of brain stimulation, vitamin packed nutrients remaining incognito until safely within his digestive system.

If you have tried any of the vegetable fruit blend juices on the market you will know that fruit flavour over-rides veggie flavour. Therefore you can add fairly large amounts of these guys to your fruit juices and smoothies and nobody knows ;)

I like to take this opportunity to sneak in some green veggies, however if you have a particularly fussy eater who will notice the slightly odd colour, then you can opt for veggies like carrots or beets.
I find it's usually better to put disguised drinks in opaque cups with lids and a straw, out of sight, out of mind.

I also like to take this opportunity to get my sons probiotic and coconut oil servings into one efficient meal. As i have covered in an earlier post "Probiotics For Life" Found  HERE. Probiotics are great for everyone and should be taken daily.

I make this smoothie for myself quite often as well. I sometimes leave it dairy free, but will often throw a couple of tablespoons of fat free Greek yogurt in for some protein. There are cultured almond milk and coconut milk yogurts on the market now that you can add for a creamier dairy free smoothie but my little man is happy with it as is. This is really just a guideline which you can alter to suit your own tastes. Over ripe bananas about to get binned? Throw one in! Want to boost your vitamin C intake during cold season? How does guava, kiwi and strawberry sound? Don't forget to slip,some vitamin packed broccoli in there, you'll never taste it with all those delicious fruity flavours. My point is, have fun, be creative, think outside of the juice box!

Scrumptious Sneaky Smoothie

1 cup of frozen or fresh fruit of your choice
3/4 cup of coconut milk (or any other dairy free milk alternative, coconut milk really makes up for the lack of yogurt though)
Daily probiotics (optional)
1 Tbsp melted coconut oil (optional)
1 Tbsp sugar (optional, I put it in Max's but not mine)
1/2 Cup chopped raw veggies of your choice

Place veggies, fruit, coconut milk and sugar into blender. Blend until very smooth. 
With blender running, slowly drizzle melted coconut oil through top opening. 
This will suspend the fat in the smoothie maintaining a smooth texture. 
The coconut oil will thicken it so if you would like it thinner you may add more milk. 
Lastly add the probiotic. I use the powder caplets for their ability to open and dissolve into things. 
If you have used berries, you may want to pour smoothie through a fine mesh strainer to remove any seeds.  Pour into a glass, and enjoy. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Feel free to comment with your favorite variations!